Vol 5, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


pp. 1-3


Chris Rusbridge, Kevin Ashley

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.156

Papers (Peer-reviewed)

pp. 4-17

Designing Digital Preservation Solutions: A Risk Management-Based Approach

José Barateiro, Gonçalo Antunes, Filipe Freitas, José Borbinha

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.140

pp. 18-33

Understanding the Information Requirements of Arts and Humanities Scholarship

Agiatis Benardou, Panos Constantopoulos, Costis Dallas, Dimitris Gavrilis

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.141

pp. 34-45

Towards Interoperable Preservation Repositories: TIPR

Priscilla Caplan, William R. Kehoe, Joseph Pawletko

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.142

pp. 46-63

The Use of Quality Management Standards in Trustworthy Digital Archives

Susanne Dobratz, Peter Rödig, Uwe M. Borghoff, Björn Rätzke, Astrid Schoger

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.143

pp. 64-90

Keeping the Game Alive: Evaluating Strategies for the Preservation of Console Video Games

Mark Guttenbrunner, Christoph Becker, Andreas Rauber

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.144

pp. 91-105

A Framework for Software Preservation

Brian Matthews, Arif Shaon, Juan Bicarregui, Catherine Jones

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.145

pp. 106-118

Using a Core Scientific Metadata Model in Large-Scale Facilities

Brian Matthews, Shoaib Sufi, Damian Flannery, Laurent Lerusse, Tom Griffin, Michael Gleaves, Kerstin Kleese

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.146

pp. 119-133

Chronopolis Digital Preservation Network

David Minor, Don Sutton, Ardys Kozbial, Brad Westbrook, Michael Burek, Michael Smorul

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.147

pp. 134-148

Bit Preservation: A Solved Problem?

David S. H. Rosenthal

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.148

pp. 148-159

Grammar-Based Recognition of Documentary Forms and Extraction of Metadata

William Underwood

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.149

pp. 160-171

Assisted Emulation for Legacy Executables

Kam Woods, Geoffrey Brown

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.150


pp. 172-186

An Emergent Micro-Services Approach to Digital Curation Infrastructure

Stephen Abrams, John Kunze, David Loy

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.151

pp. 187-193

DMP Online: The Digital Curation Centre’s Web-based Tool for Creating, Maintaining and Exporting Data Management Plans

Martin Donnelly, Sarah Jones, John W. Pattenden-Fail

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.152

pp. 194-204

Towards Smart Storage for Repository Preservation Services

Steve Hitchcock, David Tarrant, Adrian Brown, Ben O’Steen, Neil Jefferies, Leslie Carr

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.153

pp. 205-217

A Framework for Distributed Preservation Workflows

Rainer Schmidt, Ross King, Andrew Jackson, Carl Wilson, Fabian Steeg, Peter Melms

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v5i1.154

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