Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Papers (Peer-reviewed)

pp. 17-32

Enrolling Heterogeneous Partners in Video Game Preservation

Rhiannon Bettivia

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.339

pp. 128-149

Data Management in the Long Tail: Science, Software, and Service

Christine L. Borgman, Milena S. Golshan, Ashley E. Sands, Jillian C. Wallis, Rebekah L. Cummings, Peter T. Darch, Bernadette M. Randles

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.428

pp. 96-117

Factors Influencing Research Data Reuse in the Social Sciences: An Exploratory Study

Renata Gonçalves Curty

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.401

pp. 252-270

The Digitized Archival Document Trustworthiness Scale

Devan Ray Donaldson

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.387

pp. 33-52

Recognizing the Diversity of Contributions: A Case Study for Framing Attribution and Acknowledgement for Scientific Data

Chung-Yi Hou, Matthew Mayernik

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.357

pp. 156-171

A Report of Data-Intensive Capability, Institutional Support, and Data Management Practices in Social Sciences

Wei Jeng, Liz Lyon

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.398

pp. 150-155

The location of the citation: changing practices in how publications cite original data in the Dryad Digital Repository

Christine Mayo, Todd J. Vision, Elizabeth A. Hull

Abstract | Full text pdf | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.400

pp. 1-16

Data trajectories: tracking reuse of published data for transitive credit attribution

Paolo Missier

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.425

pp. 218-231

Metadata and Reproducibility: A Case Study of Gravitational Wave Research Data Management

Jian Qin, Brian Dobreski, Duncan Brown

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.399

pp. 232-251

Data Management Education from the Perspective of Science Educators

Carol Tenopir, Suzie Allard, Priyanki Sinha, Danielle Pollock, Jess Newman, Elizabeth Dalton, Mike Frame, Lynn Baird

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.389


pp. 118-127

Dash: Data Sharing Made Easy at the University of California

Stephen Abrams, John Kratz, Stephanie Simms, Marisa Strong, Perry Willett

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.408

pp. 76-85

Using Metadata Actively

Colin Bird, Simon Coles, Iris Garrelfs, Tom Griffin, Magnus Hagdorn, Graham Klyne, Mike Mineter, Cerys Willoughby

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.412

pp. 68-75

Establishing a Research Data Management Service at Loughborough University

Gareth John Cole

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.407

pp. 172-182

Promoting Interactive Visualisation at University of Oxford: The Live Data Network

Martin John Hadley, Howard Noble

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.418

pp. 195-207

Towards a Collaborative National Research Data Management Network

Chuck Humphrey, Kathleen Shearer, Martha Whitehead

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.411

pp. 86-95

Developing a Data Vault

Stuart Lewis, Lorraine Beard, Mary McDerby, Robin Taylor, Thomas Higgins, Claire Knowles

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.406

pp. 53-67

Using Data Management Plans to Explore Variability in Research Data Management Practices Across Domains

Susan Wells Parham, Jake Carlson, Patricia Hswe, Brian Westra, Amanda Whitmire

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.423

pp. 208-217

The Future of Data Management Planning: Tools, Policies, and Players

Stephanie Simms, Marisa Strong, Sarah Jones, Marta Ribeiro

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.413

pp. 183-194

Provenance in support of ANDS' four transformations

Andrew E. Treloar, Mingfang Wu

Abstract | Full text PDF | doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.416

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