Establishing a Research Data Management Service at Loughborough University


  • Gareth John Cole Loughborough University



In common with most UK universities Loughborough University needed to be compliant with the EPSRC Data Expectations by May 2015. This paper explains the process the University went through to meet these expectations. The paper also demonstratea how University senior management took the opportunity to look beyond compliance with EPSRC requirements. Project staff were challenged to identify a solution which would help to increase the University’s research visibility and reach. The solution to all of these challenges is an innovative and ground-breaking relationship between the University and three external partners. Investment has also been made in professional services staff to help manage and oversee the service. This paper explores the ways in which each element of Loughborough’s research data service helps to reduce the burden on researchers, how much of the infrastructure is invisible to the research community, and how the service is being embedded in existing infrastructure and workflows.







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