Building Open-Source Digital Curation Services and Repositories at Scale


  • Richard Marciano University of Maryland
  • Gregory Jansen University of Maryland
  • Will Thomas University of Maryland
  • Sohan Shah University of Maryland
  • Michael Kurtz University of Maryland



The focus of this article is to share several in-progress research and development open-source approaches that seek to design, build, and test digital curation services and repositories that have the potential to scale (the IMLS-funded Fedora DRAS-TIC and the NSF-funded Brown Dog). We also discuss the creation of a big records testbed of justice, human rights, and cultural heritage collections (100 TB and 100 million records), the emergence of Computational Archival Science (CAS), and the resulting efforts at integrating digital curation education and research. We ultimately seek to develop a sustainable community of users and developers, with solutions that serve the international library, archives, and scientific data management communities. We are also focused on digital curation training and education in these innovative environments.






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