Data Curation Strategies to Support Responsible Big Social Research and Big Social Data Reuse




Big social research repurposes existing data from online sources such as social media, blogs, or online forums, with a goal of advancing knowledge of human behavior and social phenomena. Big social research also presents an array of challenges that can prevent data sharing and reuse.

This brief report presents an overview of a larger study that aims to understand the data curation implications of big social research to support use and reuse of big social data. The study, which is based in the United States, identifies six key issues relating to big social research and big social data curation through a review of the literature. It then further investigates perceptions and practices relating to these six key issues through semi-structured interviews with big social researchers and data curators.

This report concludes with implications for data curation practice: metadata and documentation, connecting with researchers throughout the research process, data repository services, and advocating for community standards. Supporting responsible practices for using big social data can help scale up social science research, thus enhancing our understanding of human behavior and social phenomena.






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