Using the DCC Lifecycle Model to Curate a Gene Expression Database: A Case Study


  • Jean O’Donoghue
  • Jano I. van Hemert



Developmental Gene Expression Map (DGEMap) is an EU-funded Design Study, which will accelerate an integrated European approach to gene expression in early human development. As part of this design study, we have had to address the challenges and issues raised by the long-term curation of such a resource. As this project is primarily one of data creators, learning about curation, we have been looking at some of the models and tools that are already available in the digital curation field in order to inform our thinking on how we should proceed with curating DGEMap. This has led us to uncover a wide range of resources for data creators and curators alike. Here we will discuss the future curation of DGEMap as a case study. We believe our experience could be instructive to other projects looking to improve the curation and management of their data.






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