The Problematic Future of Research Data Management: Challenges, Opportunities and Emerging Patterns Identified by the DataRes Project


  • Martin Halbert



This paper describes findings and projections from a project that has examined emerging policies and practices in the United States regarding the long-term institutional management of research data. The DataRes project at the University of North Texas (UNT) studied institutional transitions taking place during 2011-2012 in response to new mandates from U.S. governmental funding agencies requiring research data management plans to be submitted with grant proposals. Additional synergistic findings from another UNT project, termed iCAMP, will also be reported briefly.

This paper will build on these data analysis activities to discuss conclusions and prospects for likely developments within coming years based on the trends surfaced in this work. Several of these conclusions and prospects are surprising, representing both opportunities and troubling challenges, for not only the library profession but the academic research community as a whole.






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